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Mavii Maxlogic with Hanwha Wisenet Wave

Mavili Elektronik Ticaret has added video checking to its Maxlogic fire detection system. This is possible thanks to the incorporation of the VMS Wisenet Wave of Hanwha Techwin.

Mavili Elektronik Ticaret has developed an add-on that allows its fire detection system to be addressable and intelligent Maxlogic interact with video management software (Vms) Wisenet Wave by Hanwha Techwin.

Maxlogic's integration with Wisenet Wave via the add-on Mavili SPRVSR+, ensures that control room operators can verify visually, quickly, a fire alarm event and take appropriate action. Detailed maps, along with information about maxlogic devices installed in each location, can be displayed along with images captured by Wisenet cameras.

"Add video checking to our Maxlogic fire detection system, with the help of wisenet high resolution cameras, it means we can offer end users even greater peace of mind knowing they are benefiting from an integrated solution that offers them a very high level of protection against potential fire.", comment Gurkan Erdem, Director of Sales and Marketing of Mavili Elektronik Ticaret.

When an alarm occurs, a pop-up message appears on the screen and operators can view live images of the cameras installed at the event location. PTZ equipment moves automatically to indicate where there might be a fire.

After watching the video of the event, operators can use Wisenat Wave's graphical user interface to mute the alarm and reset the system, while an event log gives access to video recorded for post-event forensic investigations.

Video management software

Wisenet Wave has been designed to make it very easy to show up 64 high-definition video streams. Thanks to the self-discovering feature, connected cameras and a wide range of third-party IP devices can be addressed and configured in just a few minutes.

An intuitive tool of type 'drag and drop' makes it very simple to configure a screen of live images and recorded on a single monitor or videowall, with adaptive screen sizes and settings.

Other key features include a virtual PTZ that, with the click of the mouse, allows operators to zoom in to see details of any suspicious activity, while motion detection and video analytics support can be configured to generate alerts when user-defined incidents occur, with notifications sent to mobile devices.

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By • 28 Jun, 2021
• Section: Alarms, Systems control, Detection