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EET distributes Hikvision Smart Town

The wholesaler Tse commitment to the sustainability of cities and has incorporated the intelligent traffic system into its catalogue Hikvision Smart Town.

The wholesaler EET Spain has begun the commercialization of the intelligent solution Hikvision Smart Town, that helps regulate and control traffic in localities and municipalities.

The Hikvision Smart Town intelligent traffic management system allows you to control vehicle access, thanks to the LPR cameras that are installed in the main entry and exit roads of small and medium-sized towns.

These cameras have an advanced video detection technology based on Deep Learning, that thanks to the resolution of 4 MP and its effectiveness, proceed to the detection of the license plate of the license plates of the vehicles in real time in an optimal image quality, even in dark environments.

The information provided by the cameras is managed through a control software that facilitates intelligent traffic management and the improvement of mobility. In addition, Hikvision equipment is resistant, so they are able to withstand extreme conditions, both at the climatological level, as before blows or vandalism.

“In EET we have opted for the video surveillance and security sector, working closely with top-tier manufacturers to deliver intelligent video solutions such as Hikvision's traffic ITS system", says Sonia Marcos, Director General of EET Spain.

Also, vehicle control can provide information on the status of vehicles such as insurance status, the ITV, the energy efficiency label or the identification of stolen vehicles, facilitating the detection of any type of infringement or irregularity.

The Smart Town system facilitates police work by helping to solve the problems associated with traffic, access and congestion in small towns and municipalities.

"Hikvision's solution is based on a simple architecture, easy to install and with a low cost of investment and maintenance. This allows small municipalities to enjoy the video technology of a Smart City" says Pedro Capilla, Hikvision Product Manager at EET Spain.

The Wireless option, features a wireless device that can be both medium range (front end or back end), as long-range (back end), both make communication between the different elements that make up the Hikvision team very simple. It also has the Solar Panel option, composed of a high effectiveness kit that works even on cloudy days.

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By • 17 Jun, 2021
• Section: Systems control, Business, Urban security