Hikvision at La Finca

The business group The Estate I was looking for complete video surveillance control of all the venues, From the perimeter to the inside, passing through all the access areas. Cameras software Hikvision They have provided him with the technology and infrastructure he needed.

For the group The Estate, The security and privacy of your customers are critical within your value proposition. This is why the need arose to create protected spaces through technology.

This business group focused on the area of Real Estate, It is dedicated to three fundamental areas of activity: residential, focused on the construction and promotion of urban developments and premium homes in the northwest area of Madrid; the development of business parks to house corporate offices; and in the start-up of other businesses linked to the world of leisure, among which the La Finca golf course and the gastronomic hub La Finca Grand Café stand out. Both are located in the Madrid town of Pozuelo.

Hikvision at La Finca

The Real Estate sector is fundamental in the Spanish economy, And for ten years, And with small fluctuations it provides, Approximately the 11% of Spain's Gross Domestic Product.

The case of the La Finca Group is particular, because it is not dedicated to a single area within the real estate sector, rather, it develops its activity in the residential area, in business parks and leisure projects. In any case, Differentiation is becoming one of the fundamental elements when it comes to attracting customers.

Hikvision at La Finca

For La Finca Group, which has stated that the security and privacy of its customers are critical within its value proposition, The need arose to create protected spaces through technology.

What was sought was complete control by video surveillance of all the venues, From the perimeter to the inside, passing through all the access areas.

In the case of homes, All intercom systems with built-in video also came into play (video interns), that allow the identification of the person who wishes to access a venue or a property.

For the implementation of these solutions, An installation plan was needed to be designed to ensure the monitoring capacity of all areas, Avoiding Blind Spots; Cameras with the right technology to deliver the best image quality in any circumstance (sharpness, Zoom Capability, vision in low-light conditions...); and a management system with which to manage the entire system, in a simple but effective way, From the control rooms.

Hikvision at La Finca

Integrated Security Ecosystems

The main challenge was to work in seamlessly integrated security ecosystems that offered full flexibility to grow the system or combine it with other technologies. That required teams and management tools to be versatile and adaptable to different environments, I mean, The different subsystems needed to be convergent.

One of the demands of the La Finca group has always been to be able to incorporate new emerging technologies, to constantly update the security proposal and always be up to date. That renewal effort must be based on a systems architecture that is ready to grow naturally and in an organized way.

Hikvision at La Finca

"The challenge of system integration allows us to incorporate technological innovations in areas such as access control in a very fluid way, the early detection of incidents or the incorporation of artificial intelligence", comment from La Finca.

Hikvision began installing security equipment at La Finca in 2013, with the aim of modernizing all security systems, And since then, there has been a continuous improvement of the devices as innovations and technological novelties have appeared on the market, and as new needs arose on the part of La Finca.

Cameras have been installed that offer the best features in order to guarantee a perfect video surveillance service. CCTV equipment performs video surveillance functions and allows visual control of what happens inside and around the building, as well as in the parking area.

The system features cameras from three different models, that send the images to a recorder. It is composed of conventional DS-2DE7A425IW-AEB outdoor recording cameras(S5), Three PTZ dome models (DS-2DE4225IW-DE(S5), DS-2DE5225W-AE(S5) and DS-2DE7430IW-AE), Two Deep-in-View (iDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHS and iDS-2CD7186G0-IZS) and a Body cams.

Hikvision at La Finca

Control center

All camera subsystems are managed from a control room, which is located in one of the main buildings of the business complex, Equipped with a video wall and consoles that allow the correct management of security and access.

HikCentral Professional is available in this environment, A software platform for administration and management, where the company's entire product range converges.

It is an open platform capable of integrating third-party equipment via the Onvif protocol, to best adapt to the needs of each client. This scalable, highly available solution is capable of controlling up to 100.000 Channels, for centralized monitoring of device configuration, Users & Alarm Event Management, among others.

HikCentral Professional offers a variety of smart modules that incorporate specific functionalities such as multi-location monitoring, Event control and management, and an intuitive interface.

It is a complete security management software that includes different integrated security solutions for different vertical application scenarios. It offers a variety of smart modules that incorporate specific functionalities: Cctv, access and presence control, facial recognition, Anpr, UVSS
(Under Vehicle Surveillance System), People Counting & Heat Maps, Queues, videowall, Alarms, Intrusion, User & Permission Control, E-MAP and GIS Map, Open SDK, vehicle management, Business Intelligence & Maintenance.

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