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Dallmeier Panomera S Imago Design

Dallmeier electronic has received, together with the design agency Imago Design, the iF Design Award 2021 for its latest generation of Panomera S cameras.

This award to the series of cameras Panomera S of Dallmeier electronic, that were presented in the market at the end of last year, follow the recognition that was also granted in the last edition of these awards to the range Panomera W. The smultifocal sensor istema was imposed in front of an independent and international jury, consisting of 98 experts in the Product category.

A uniform design language

Also the latest generation of the patented Panomera multifocal sensor systems continues the uniform and precisely defined design language of Dallmeier's cameras, such as radios, Proportions, colors and surfaces.

In collaboration with Imago Design, six-time winner of the iF Design Award, Dallmeier has managed as the first manufacturer in the sector of B2B video security technology to establish a uniform design language for surveillance cameras.

As they point out from the company, “it doesn't matter if it's in the Safe City, at airports or sports stadiums, in industry or logistics applications: the Panomera S series is always discreetly integrated into a wide variety of architectural environments and projects as a whole, together with other Dallmeier camera models, a uniform and aesthetically independent overall picture”.

Dallmeier Panomera S Mountera Imago Design

Mountera intelligent mounting system

In addition to its recognized and awarded, Dallmeier partners and customers benefit from the latest generation of the Panomera S series of cameras from intelligent mounting system integration Mountera.

All Panomera models are equipped with the uniform system Quick-Lock, which makes them compatible with all mount options: Wall, Ceiling, mast or edge storage. Even the stacking of the S-series And W, I mean, the combination of surface/distance and 360° panoramic view, It's possible.

“to run all the installation steps only a single tool is required, which saves time additionally-explains Thomas Reisinger, Dallmeier CTO electronic-. A system continuity like this was unknown in our sector until now and has already managed to convince many users, as well as the members of the jury of the iF Design Award”.

As this manager adds, “in addition to the high 'fun factor’ during installation, cost advantages are also achieved thanks to a significantly reduced implementation time”.

Dallmeier Panomera S Imago Design

More innovations in the interior

Inside the Panomera S range there are many innovations to discover, designed to facilitate the daily work of planners, installers and system operators.

The latest generation of the Panomera S series also has up to eight sensors and lenses, of different focal lengths, to capture even far areas of the image with the same high resolution as objects in the nearest area.

The intelligent design of the double-walled housing makes possible a passive convection cooling, making additional cooling to an outside temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. The optional system Air Blast cleans the front glass of the dust chamber, water and insects, no contact or wear by compressed air.

In addition, Panomera Privacy Shield provides data protection and makes it visible at a distance by pressing a button. It is a curtain, remotely controlled, with which the police or private companies can temporarily visibly disable Panomera systems only with a few clicks, protecting privacy rights under the law, For example, in case of demonstrations or strikes.

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By • 4 Jun, 2021
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