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The manufacturer combines in this complete solution two critical areas of security with a unified interface for your application in numerous installations.

Axis Camera Station Secure Entry

In order to respond to customer demand and provide business access to both advanced video surveillance technology, as software to effectively monitor and manage your system, Axis has integrated video surveillance and access control into the Camera Station Secure Entry solution.

Thanks to its unified interface, these two critical areas of security are now combined into a single software package, that allows you to control access to buildings and facilities with easy management of cardholders and groups, as well as the configuration of rules (schedules, locations and credentials) and access (doors and areas), multi-factor authentication and customizable card formats.

Axis Camera Station Secure Entry is a ready-to-use solution and is included in this manufacturer's Camera Station video management software as standalone or preloaded licenses on Axis S11 and S22 network video recorders.

Axis Camera Station Secure Entry

No activation fee for Camera Station Secure Entry, with one license per device, regardless of whether it's an Axis camera or door controller. A complete installation also requires this manufacturer's A1601 network door driver, with card readers connected.

Camera Station Secure Entry is optimized for up to 128 doors and 10.000 cardholders, with support for multiple credentials per cardholder. The interface, web-based, it's easy to use and allows you to add or remove users with a simple drag-and-drop operation.

It is also possible to configure users based on specific criteria, such as the user's location and schedule, so operators can easily control who has access, to which access points and at what time.

Axis Camera Station Secure Entry

Because access management is added to video management software, operators can manage both video surveillance and access control from the same unified interface in one place (watch attached video).

Different users can use the system for different purposes: a receptionist may be creating temporary access credentials, while someone else is likely to be reviewing the video recorded during an investigation. The benefits of video-verified access control are essentially three: live monitoring of access points; assistance to allow access, post-incident investigation.

Axis Live 2021

In response to market demand and for the first time throughout the Southern European region, manufacturer summons industry, the next 14 April, to its new event format Axis Live: a live digital conference broadcast online in four languages (Spanish, French, English and Italian).

The day will begin with a plenary session that will combine solution presentations with presentations by Axis international representatives and industry experts on artificial intelligence and video analysis.

Below, attendees will be able to access virtually dedicated meeting rooms, where local Axis teams will present upcoming product and solution range updates. In another area you will be able to watch videos of products on demand and educational content, in addition to the possibility of contacting local Axis teams.

As Pablo Sastre explains, Axis national sales manager for Spain and Portugal, "we've created a whole new digital event, where our customers and partners can immerse themselves in the Axis world in a virtual environment, but with the same structure and warmth of a physical event".

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