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This Hanwha Techwin temperature detection model offers QVGA thermal imaging to help companies operate safely in pandemic times.

hanwha Wisenet TNM-3620TDY

Wisenet TNM-3620TDY is a dual-spectrum multichannel device, developed by Hanwha Techwin, which integrates a thermal imaging camera with QVGA resolution and other video surveillance of 2 Megapixel. In this way, can detect heat and measure temperature with great precision, while providing visual verification of people within their field of view.

In body temperature mode, the QVGA resolution thermal camera can calculate a person's camera within a range of 300C to 450C, with an accuracy of +/- 0,50C. When you have the help of technology black body, accuracy increases +/- 0,30C.

By including the face detection feature based on artificial intelligence with deep learning, the TNM-3620TDY camera can measure temperatures of up to ten people in real time, at a distance of up to three meters, and operators can choose to view captured thermal images or high-definition video standards.

IEC certification 60601

hanwha Wisenet TNM-3620TDYThe TNM-3620TDY camera meets a number of technical device standards for the safety and essential performance of electro-medical equipment, published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (Iec). In addition, Hanwha Techwin has completed fda installation registration process and camera device for FDA approval 510(K:i) it's ongoing.

In normal radiometric mode, this thermal imaging camera is capable of detecting and measuring temperature changes within the range of -200C to 1300C with high accuracy.

The user can define detection zones to cover specific areas of interest within the camera's field of view, which is very effective to alert you to the threat of a fire in recycling facilities, waste and landfill management where spontaneous combustion can occur.

A detected temperature change may also be a warning that machinery in factories, processing plants, cold rooms and utilities are faulty. Thanks to its web viewer, the camera gets temperature measurements at one point in the image with a simple click.

TNM-3620TDY supports H.265 compression formats, H.264 and MJPEG, as well as WiseStream II complementary compression technology. It also features a Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot to store up to 256 GB of video or data on the camera itself, available in the event of a network outage.

Hanwha and JVSG system design tool

Integration of Wisenet cameras with JVSG

Moreover, the manufacturer has announced that the time required to plan, accurately and effectively designing and evaluating a video surveillance system has been significantly reduced by the IP video system design tool JVSG is now compatible with all Wisenet IP cameras.

Designers and system integrators only need to import 2D or 3D models from the building or end-user installation and enter some project-specific parameters (proposed installation height of each camera and field of view required).

With this information, JVSG's System Design Tool creates an accurate representation of the video surveillance system that, among other benefits, helps the professional identify blind spots.

JVSG's System Design Tool, you can accurately calculate the focal lengths of the camera lenses, viewing angles and pixel density requirements in a few seconds and helps you choose the ideal model of each camera.

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By • 11 Jan, 2021
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