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This new range of cameras provides PTZ video surveillance and object tracking with artificial intelligence, among other functions.

The Wisenet X PTZ Plus HD cameras you just introduced Hanwha Techwin Offer, among other innovations, object tracking based on artificial intelligence, improved PTZ control, greater accuracy in pre-sets, adaptive infrared lighting and advanced cybersecurity.

Designed for perimeter protection applications and large open areas such as airports, Parking, industrial estates, sports fields and urban centres, Wisenet X PTZ Plus range, resolutions 2 And 6 megapixels and 4K, are able to capture images that can be used as expert evidence up to a distance of 200 Meters, regardless of luminosity conditions, thanks to its adaptive IR technology.

At the core of these devices is Wisenet7, Hanwha Techwin's patented chipset that incorporates various technologies to improve camera cybersecurity credentials. Added to this is the manufacturer's proprietary certificate issuance system during the development phase and production process.

In addition, Wisenet7 ensures high-quality image capture thanks to Extreme WDR, using local contrast enhancement technologies and scene analysis to get ultra-light images in bright, dark environments.

For Uri Guterman, Product and marketing director at Hanwha Techwin Europe, "setting a new standard is a phrase that is often used when launching products, but it can really be applied to these new cameras. Our design teams, development and manufacturing have made excellent use of their experience and raised the bar to give users the ability to closely monitor and track any suspicious activity or incident".

Automatic tracking
blankAn artificial intelligence automatic tracking feature allows control room operators to monitor the movement of objects, liberándoles de esta tarea para controlar otras cámaras.

With a right click on the mouse, operators can program a camera to automatically lock and track a specific object. This is achieved through video analytics with Deep Learning, who detect and classify people and vehicles.

Throughout its life cycle, most PTZ cameras are expected to make continuous horizontal and vertical movements, so it's not strange that positioning errors can occur. Wisenet PTZ Plus cameras, with precision in the pre-set of ± 0.1o, can detect if they are not oriented to the specified field of view, moving in a second to the right position.

Among other features, these devices integrate windshield wipers to eliminate rain or snow, then activating a heater in the lens to dry the waste water; have a tilt range of up to 1100, that ensures that objects placed on top of the cameras can be seen, and have the function of saving focus, that can be applied to 32 predefined areas.

Another advantage is the simplicity of installation, because technicians just have to "match three dots and turn", as they explain from the company, during the first phase of installation, allowing you to conveniently tighten the screws without having to hold the camera.

Unlike conventional PTZ cameras, requiring up to five separate cables, Wisenet X PTZ Plus cameras only need one RJ45 cable to operate and it is installed with a flexible bushing to ensure the camera is waterproof.

Wisenet PTZ PLUS Cameras

  • Wisenet XNP-9300RW: PTZ dome with optical zoom of 30 increases and resolution 4 K:i.
  • Wisenet XNP-8300RW: PTZ dome with optical zoom of 30 increases and resolution of 6 Mp.
  • Wisenet XNP-6400RW: PTZ dome with optical zoom of 40 increases and resolution of 2 Mp.
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By • 22 Oct, 2020
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance