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This Box model, of 2 megapixel, replaces the SNZ-6320 and has a tighter size and price than its predecessor XNZ-6320.

The Wisenet X-Lite XNZ-L6320 camera Hanwha Techwin equips a motorized varifocal target of 32 optical magnifications with autofocus and offers a resolution of 2 megapixel.

As designated Uri Guterman, Director of product and marketing at Hanwha Techwin Europe, "This new Box camera is a reflection of our commitment to finding ways to improve our range of solutions. Thanks to its new design and its smaller dimensions, Wisenet XNZ-L6320 will become a favorite among small traders and other users for whom aesthetics is important, and it will also be the ideal camera for outdoor video surveillance applications".

This new Box camera includes a comprehensive set of analytics tools "at an economical cost to provide system integrators with a competitive advantage for video surveillance projects that require a large number of cameras", Underlines.

Wisenet XNZ-L6320 is a day/night camera, with mechanical filter (ICR) and a wide dynamic range (WDR) of 120 dB, to get clear images in scenes containing a complex combination of both light and dark areas.

Unlike conventional WDR, capturing images by taking two images with different exposure levels, Wisenet XNZ-L6320 uses four images with different exposure levels to produce a clearer.

This device supports H.265 compression algorithms, H.264 and MJPEG, as well as WiseStream II, a complementary compression technology exclusive to Wisenet cameras.

It also incorporates intelligent video analysis (VAT) i, that includes manipulation; merodeo; directional detection, blur and fog; Virtual Online; entry/exit, appearance/disappearance, as well as audio detection, faces and movement.

The camera also features audio analysis to recognize critical sounds (cries, broken glass, gunshots and explosions) and generates an alert for security personnel to react quickly to any incident.

Another feature is digital image stabilization (DIS), reduces motion blur caused by wind or vibration and ensures that it can capture crisp, stable images. Integrates SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slot to store video or data on the camera itself in case of a network outage.

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By • 28 Jan, 2020
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