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The integration of Wisenet Wave with bluebox professional video wall drivers provides an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, as educational campuses, Hospitality, transportation or emergency services.

Hanwha integrates with BlueBox Video

BlueBox Video and Hanwha Techwin have signed a technology partnership so that the images captured by Wisenet Full HD cameras, with 4K resolution and fisheye vision 360 degrees, can be displayed on a video wall or on a desktop monitor.

Hanwha Techwin Wisenet WaveThe integration of Wisenet Wave video management software (VMS) BlueBox professional videowall controllers provide an affordable control room solution, ideal for a wide range of applications including educational campuses, Hospitality, transport and construction, as well as emergency services.

BlueBox videowall controllers are specifically designed to meet the high-performance demands of a multi-camera video surveillance system. Using low-power high-density processing, controllers can speed up the decoding of H264 compression, H265, MJPEG and MPEG2 releasing traditional CPU methods for any additional encoded format.

Hanwha Techwin Wisenet WaveWith three devices in the BlueBox range, Control rooms have the option to choose videowall configurations on True and Ultra High Definition output models. Setup is made easy with the help of an installation wizard.

Tras una evaluación exhaustiva de los controladores BlueBox, decidimos que podíamos recomendarlos con confianza a los integradores de sistemas que buscan suministrar salas de control con una solución de videowall robusta y asequible. Result, hemos trabajado estrechamente con su equipo técnico para desarrollar un complemento acelerado Wisenet Wave que garantice una interacción transparente entre nuestro VMS y los controladores de videowall”, says Uri Guterman, director de Producto y Marketing de Hanwha Techwin Europe. “

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By • 20 Jan, 2020
• Section: Control Systems, Business, CCTV