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Designed to place in industrial buildings, such as chemical plants or stores flammable products, This equipment is suitable for use indoors and its operation reaches to the 10 meters away.

ProdexTec Takex FP-2500EThe FP-2500E sensor of Takex, It sells ProdexTec in Spain and Portugal, combines fire and intrusion detection up to 10 meters away. Your detection outputs are independent.

The anti-intrusion detector PIR technology enables the option antimascotas to 20 kilos and the detection area is adjustable in three patterns for different mounting heights. There is also alarm memory.

Flame detector works through the UV system, It has adjustable sensitivity and detection time is between 1 and 3 seconds. It also has a forced break alarm, regardless of the setting for the detection of flame. If detection is repeated or continuous for more of 15 the 30 seconds the alarm is switched on.

The outer shell of the sensor is compact and is designed for installation both in wall corners. Its use is internal and, due to its characteristics, This sensor is suitable for installation in industrial chemical plants as buildings or stores flammable products.

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By • 16 Jul, 2019
• Section: Detection, Intrusion