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These passive infrared sensors from outside (PIR) they have a range of up to 12 meters and 90 ° in the model MS-12TE and 12mx180 ° in the case of the sensor 12FE.

takex MS-12-te prodextecOne of the biggest problems when installing external sensors are activations caused by animals. To avoid these false alarms, Takex It has developed the system of dual zone detection, that fires only when the sensor perceives movement in two areas simultaneously: in the horizontal area and the descending.

Distributed by ProdexTec, brand of the Spanish company's perimeter security Bunker electronic security, la serie MS-12 de Takex incluye también detalles como contador de pulsos, output no/NC and sensitivity adjustment. Its structure is rain proof and its installation is possible both indoors and outdoors.

Also, Takex has included in the model 12TE a head with dual sensor that offers unlimited tolerance for pets: the horizontal curtain is fixed and parallel to the ground, While the descending curtain is adjustable to adjust the distance of 3 to 12 meters. The detection angle is 90 ° and is adjustable, so the maximum coverage is 90 ° 12mx.

takex MS-12-te prodextecBesides the features of the previous model, the detector 12FE offers Quad sensor, It is composed of two heads with dual sensors for each, and to increase coverage up to 180 °.

Thanks to these features, infrared detectors, and especially the Takex MS-12 series, they are one of the more valued market, specially designed for industrial application and in residential environments.

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By • 25 Apr, 2019
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