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Designed to detect and observe suspicious activities at great distances, the XNP-6550RH dome is particularly suitable for protection perimeter and open areas.

Hanwha techwin Wisenet XNP-6550RH

The 55 optical magnification, a gyro sensor for a stabilization needed in windy conditions, 'anti-fogging' optical and IR LEDs integrated to capture high-definition images at night at distances of up to 500 meters and resolution of 2 MP define the main characteristics of the dome PTZ Wisenet XNP-6550RH just presented Hanwha Techwin.

As designated Uri Guterman, Director of product and marketing at Hanwha Techwin Europe, "our product development team ensures that Wisenet XNP-6550RH includes the features required by security personnel to detect and observe suspicious activities over long distances at airports, parking, edificios industriales, estadios y entornos de tipo urbano”.

Wisenet XNP-6550RH incorpora la función de desempañamiento óptico, cuyo diferencial es que usa un filtro de paso bajo óptico que admite una gama de luz superior respecto al sensor de imagen de la cámara, con el objetivo dereducir la influencia del empañamiento.

“La capacidad de capturar imágenes claras y nítidas en condiciones de luz diurna permite el reconocimiento de rostros a distancias de hasta 170 metros de la cámara”, subraya Guterman.

Hanwha techwin Wisenet XNP-6550RHThis dome has rated IP66 and IK10 for use in exterior and vandal, and uses progressive-scan technology to provide sharp images of people and moving vehicles.

This adds a wide dynamic range (WDR), that works with up to 120 dB para producir imágenes precisas en situaciones en las que hay zonas muy iluminadas y muy oscuras.

Automatic tracking feature allows operators to monitor the movement of people and vehicles automatically, liberando al técnico para que pueda controlar otras cámaras, e incluso permite ‘transferir el control’ a otras cámaras que cubren zonas adyacentes.

El domo XNP-6550RH integra un conjunto de analíticas, en las que se incluye manipulación, merodeo, directional detection, detection of blur, detection of fogging, Virtual Online, input and output, (des)appearance, audio detection, Face Detection, de movimiento y clasificación de sonidos.

Otra de sus ventajas es que este dispositivo permite la transmisión de múltiples flujos de imágenes, a diversas velocidades y resoluciones, a cualquier PC de la red u otros dispositivos como teléfonos inteligentes y tablets. The use of compression H.265 minimizes latency, manual tracking of objects in motion making something simple and direct.

It also incorporates WiseStream II, a compression technology complementary controlling dynamically the encoding, Balancing quality and according to the movement in the image compression.

The efficiency of the consumption of bandwidth is improved up to in a 99%, compared to H.264, WiseStream II is when combined with compression H.265, According to the data of the manufacturer.

Moreover, the possibility of storing up to 256 GB of data using two slots for SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards integrated into model Wisenet XNP-6550RH, It ensures the video to be recorded automatically in case of interruption of the network.

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By • 14 Sea, 2019
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