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These minidomos of Hanwha Techwin have designed their application in areas where condensation due to temperature differences can occur.

Hanwha Techwin Wisenet Q FlateyeAs part of Wisenet Q range, manufacturer Hanwha Techwin He has developed the minidomos of high-definition Flateye go for use in environments with a humid environment, que tienen una cubierta de superficie plana respecto a la tradicional cúpula del domo, that applies to the front of the goal to reduce the reflections of infrared diffusion caused by moisture.

"These new IP minidomos are a very effective and robust solution for end users, you need to have high definition cameras to work effectively in challenging environmental conditions, such as food processing plants", explains Uri Guterman, Director of product and marketing at Hanwha Techwin Europe.

The Flateye Wisenet QNE-6080RV minidomos, of 2 megapixel, and QNE-7080RV, of 4 megapixel, integrated infrared functionality that allows to recognize objects in the evening at a distance of up to 30 meters.

A motorised varifocal lens of 3,1 increases (3,2-10 mm) allows monitoring with wide angle. Furthermore, the detection of blur, It generates an alert if blurry images will capture or fogging, performing the corresponding corrections in blurry images captured in such conditions.

Other features of these devices are its wide dynamic range (WDR), that works with up to 150 dB to produce accurate images in scenes containing very bright and very dark areas simultaneously, as well as the correction of lens distortion (LDC), that compensates for the distortion of the images produced with lenses.

Display type Hall function provides a very effective way to monitor narrow vertical zones, as,Halls, tunnels and passageways, with the added benefit of minimizing bandwidth and video storage requirements.

Also, Adds Guterman, "the installers will also benefit from the fact of having to be less time in the place in which the device is located, since they do not need to initially remove the dome then mount it during this process".

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By • 21 Nov, 2018
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