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The VMS Wisenet SSM has been integrated with the EXgarde Pro tool thanks to a transaction server module that links the activity of access control with the corresponding video captured by cameras Wisenet.

Hanwha and TDSi agreement

Hanwha Techwin It has integrated management software of SSM application of access management video to PC EXgarde Pro's TDSi. This has been achieved through a server module of transactions which is part of the VMS Wisenet SSM solution and links the activity of access control with the corresponding video captured by cameras Wisenet.

Any unauthorized person who attempts to enter a sensitive area of the building, for example, It will generate an alert and will show images of the incident on a monitor or video wall.

TDSi EXgarde ForOther possible actions include the activation of cameras PTZ dome, next to access and run a pre-configured tour surrounding areas to allow operators to have a vision and a complete knowledge of what could be happening, as well as the viewing point on a drawing of the building corresponding access control.

"Control of TDSi access and Hanwha Techwin video surveillance solutions are specified more and more in the same projects. With this in mind, It is logical that systems integrators expect to count with a high level of integration between the two technologies to offer their customers a complete and effective solution", comenta Tim Biddulph, Head of Product and Solutions of Hanwha Techwin Europe.

EXgarde Pro and Wisenet SSM

Hanwha Techwin Wisenet XEXgarde Pro is a PC software for complete management of access, that you can use to control a door of a facility with a small number of users or to manage thousands of doors in various facilities, with thousands of users.

It is designed to directly integrate many features of a security and building management system using a single database and a single user interface. These features include fire and intrusion detection, Automation and building management, Active Directory technologies and biometrics, as well as the video surveillance.

Wisenet SSM has been designed by Hanwha Techwin to ensure that users get the maximum benefit from a wide range of networks IP Wisenet cameras, recording devices and servers, by facilitating the integration with third party systems, such as access control and intrusion alarms. It is also compatible with specialized analytical applications that can run on Wisenet cameras.

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By • 7 Nov, 2017
• Section: Access control, Control Systems, Business, CCTV