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This integration allows cameras IP Wisenet, as well as digital and analog recorders, interact with the central station of Immix.

SureView Immix

The range of cameras and recorders of Hanwha Techwin has been integrated into the software for the central station of CS Immix alarms of SureView. This allows the most recent series of Wisenet IP and digital video cameras, as well as the analog video recorders, interact with the central station of Immix, designed to improve the efficiency of receiving stations of alarms that offer video monitoring services.

The same level of integration with the command center has been (CC) Immix, a platform software MISP (physical security information management) used by companies, institutions and agencies for monitoring alarm system, Access control, audio and knowledge of situations.

"Our engineers have worked with SureView technical team to ensure a level of integration that will allow operators to control key features and settings of our cameras and video recorders. The remote monitoring centers (RVRC) You can see high quality images captured by our cameras & domes, and use analytical integrated cameras IP Wisenet as an efficient tool for event information and to reduce false alarms", comenta Tim Biddulph, Hanwha Techwin product management Manager.

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By • 30 May, 2017
• Section: Control Systems, Business, Computer Security, CCTV