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As a full member and from the past 1 January, the Canadian manufacturer will be a voice-and-vote member of this organization's steering and technical committees in defining standards in networked security systems.

The incorporation of Avigilon organization of standardization of video technologies and access control for security -Onvif-, it also assumes that the company has adopted this standard as its native protocol for interconnecting all the video surveillance products it manufactures, becoming the only manufacturer to date of video management compatible with any other device, no additional integration required.

At the same time, Avigilon cameras of resolutions up to 4K (8 Megapixel) are also compatible with recorders and displays from other brands that also meet the Onvif standard.

blankAs a full member of this organization, Avigilon will be able to be a part, with a voice and a vote, Onvif's steering and technical committees when defining standards for video surveillance fields (Onvif Profile-S); image recording, including intelligent video analysis and artificial intelligence (Onvif Profile-G); as well as access control (Onvif Profile-C).

One of the consequences of this standardising initiative has been the definition of European standards 62676 Part 2-3, which precisely envisages the Onvif standard as a model for exchanging video images between cameras and other elements of a video surveillance system.

blankAs Carlos Angeles explains, director of Avigilon in Spain and Portugal, "I'm sure our customers will appreciate the compatibility of the most advanced technology on the market with what they already have installed and working. At last we can offer any customer in the world the possibility to update and migrate their current video surveillance and access control systems with minimal investment, with the peace of mind that until they amort their investment, the system will not become obsolete. In Avigilon version updates are free and there are no annual maintenance fees".

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By • 7 Sea, 2017
• Section: Access control, Services, Video surveillance