Scati N400As part of the Vision Suite of Scati and based on IP technology, The new N400 recorder is designed for small installations that do not require more than four video surveillance cameras.

With a compact form factor, Small footprint, The recorder Scati N400 Offers efficient heat dissipation design, With Technology fanless, and has no ventilation elements, which means that in addition to being silent they offer optimal performance in small facilities that do not require managing more than four cameras, as it can be in ATMs.

The recorders of the Scati N400 series are designed in Linux, They are part of a fully scalable solution and can work with any camera Onvif, being able to manage up to three megapixel cameras with total stability.

Scati N400The main differential of these recorders is that they have Four RJ-45 Gigabit PoE ports, allowing cameras to be fed directly from the recorder. In addition, incorporate functions for Monitor your status and operations on an ongoing basis, notifying technical alarms in case of failure, resulting in rapid troubleshooting and improved device durability.

How the recording needs are different in each project and in each client, with the use of higher or lower resolution cameras, depending on the recording time, either continuously or by events, All recorders in the Suite Vision of Scati provide a Configurable storage with disks Specially manufactured for use in video surveillance.

In addition, the use of H.265 compression algorithms makes images stored on N400 recorders require less storage, which according to the company is up to a 40% lower compared to other manufacturers using H.264, and that the transmission of images over the network is carried out more smoothly.

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By • 26 May, 2023
• Section: Deep down, storage, Video surveillance