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This PTZ camera, designed for indoor and outdoor environments, incorporates different technologies, as ACC, LightCatcher and MSDS, that it make it ideal for use in critical environments.

Avigilon H4 Fisheye

Avigilon It has expanded its line of cameras H4 with a new team of FishEye. The Fisheye camera is designed with PTZ technology to provide high resolution and panoramic view of 360 degrees, eliminating blind spots. This video surveillance solution is available with resolutions of 6 and 12 MP and speeds of up to 30 and 20 FPS, respectively.

H4 Fisheye camera features a sleek design of low profile that enables you to integrate in the environment.

With the integration of the software of management of video Avigilon Control Center (ACC) , its powerful engine (client-side in-warping) and the technology virtual pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) It is possible to maintain complete security of the environment, While objects that are of interest are tracked.

This team also has the Avigilon High Definition Stream Management technology (MSDS), to manage of way efficient the data of video, and leverages the functionality of inactive scene mode (Go you Scene) It allows to reduce bandwidth and storage capacity when no movement is detected in the scene.

Equipped with LightCatcher, technology of infrared and wide range dynamic (WDR), the H4 Fisheye capture images in high resolution in environments with low light color, providing a lighting effective of all the field of vision. It is compatible with Onvif, is suitable to work both in environments of interior as of foreign.

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By • 3 Nov, 2016
• Section: CCTV