A set of Avigilon cameras has been installed on the property along with an H4 video intercom and an NVR4 rack-mount server. With these tools, your computer can capture and archive video, and leverage Appearance Search's capabilities to find specific individuals and evidence in recordings.

Avigilon at Davis Jewelers

Davis Jewelers it's a family business whose history goes back to 1930, since then it has been owned and operated by the same family throughout its 90 Years. During that time, has been forging its reputation as the largest jewelry store in Louisville, highly appreciated by customers for their selection and service. In 2015, became Kentucky's first store with its own showcase dedicated to Rolex, and subsequent renovations have created space to highlight brands like David Yurman, Roberto Coin, Tudor Watch and TAG Heuer. The store also has a customer lounge and a custom design center.

Avigilon at Davis JewelersThis jewelry required an intelligent security facility that could capture quality video and record it on a centralized platform, accessible through multiple devices, to track people and vehicles both in real time and retroactively.

Once they decided to adopt the security technology and video analysis of Motorola Solutions, Davis Jewelers worked with Alliant Integrators to install a set of cameras Avigilon throughout the property along with an H4 video intercom and a Network Video Recorder rack-mount server (NVR4). With these tools, the team could capture and archive terabytes of video and leverage Avigilon Appearance Search technology to easily find specific individuals and evidence in recordings.

Having H5A Dome and H4 Multisensor cameras on the outside, Davis Jewelers has achieved greater coverage with fewer teams, while maintaining discreet video security inside with low-profile Fisheye H4 cameras, allowing staff to monitor facilities at all times.

Avigilon at Davis JewelersEven after working hours, receive automated alerts and push notifications to their devices through the Avigilon Mobile app, whenever the video analysis built into the security system signals an anomaly in the video. With this proactive solution, The Davis Jewelers team can identify suspicious activity around your building and, in the event of criminal activity, provide clear video evidence to the authorities.

“Avigilon Appearance Search technology has saved time by giving employees the option to find someone quickly and easily. Compared to the previous system, the current system offers immensely faster search and supports multiple users, what's key to care and surveillance”, comments Kristen B. Jensen, Vice President of Marketing, Operations and Human Resources at Davis Jewelers.

At Davis Jewelry, staff are responsible for cataloguing and displaying wedding and engagement jewelry, Swiss watches and fashion accessories. The company also makes custom designs for customers and receives special orders for unique parts that are not usually carried out in the store. The team understands how critical it is for each of these small but expensive pieces to be tracked when they change hands.

Avigilon at Davis JewelersHaving the ability to quickly rewind through video is essential to keep control of these valuables and know their whereabouts at all times. High-resolution images captured by cameras have become an asset to the business, reducing the risk for items to be lost.

With Avigilon, keeping facilities safe has become a team effort. With the desktop version of the Avigilon Control Center software 7 (Acc) and the ACC mobile app, employees can easily watch videos wherever they are, either in the store or backroom, and communicate with each other if they observe any suspicious behavior. Safety is no longer left to a single operator, but it's a shared responsibility. This has not only allowed employees to be proactive in identifying potential risks, has also helped them find new operational efficiencies while coordinating their routine tasks.

For a jewelry store, being able to see the outside through H4 multisensor cameras has proven to be a good choice. These images allow staff to monitor pedestrian and vehicle traffic around the property, also being able to review it at any time gives them peace of mind before leaving the building. If there's a security event, The Davis Jewelers team can proactively address it and take appropriate prevention measures.

Avigilon at Davis Jewelers

But even on a normal day, H4 video intercom and external cameras have been a benefit to the business by allowing employees to see and talk to people at the back door, streamlining both the delivery process and customer service, while helping to keep staff safe.

Through nine decades of providing the customer with high quality object and optimal customer service, Davis Jewelers has become a benchmark in the jewelry business, but it carries certain security risks. Having a video solution and Motorola Solutions analysis with Avigilon technologies helps mitigate these risks, providing centralized, trouble-free monitoring for the entire team.

Looking to a short-term future, Davis Jewelers intends to implement an Avigilon Access Control Manager system for access control that is unified with ACC video management software and offers the ability to remotely control entries throughout the store. Long-term, The Davis Jewelers team knows that the most important treasure is the success of the family business and Avigilon is helping to protect it for future generations.

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By • 13 Oct, 2020
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