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Avigilon in Worcester

The city center of Worcester has been protected with a video surveillance system based on PTZ cameras and multisensor of Avigilon, as well as your VMS ACC.

The town of Worcester has more than 95.000 residents and their town hall, in collaboration with the local community, aims to create a prosperous and safe city, improve the quality of life of residents, students and visitors. For a secure environment, worcester city council has a video surveillance system, which helps in the prevention and deterrence of crimes.

This solution facilitates the arrest and prosecution of criminals, as well as the identification of missing persons and flood control

This video surveillance system is integrated by the PTZ and multisensor cameras of Avigilon, teams that are located in strategic and problematic sites in the city center. All cameras have infrared technology (Go) to provide optimal image quality, even in low-light environments.

Avigilon in Worcester

The images from the cameras are sent to a control room that monitors the 24 Hours, The 7 days of the week. Based in Pershore and equipped with the latest version of the VMS (Video Management Software) of Avigilon ACC, to facilitate future use and expansion, as it can be used for monitoring multiple systems.

Operators can use Avigilon's self-learning video analysis (Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics), including Avigilon Appearance Search, allowing them to quickly classify hours of video to locate a specific person or vehicle, with physical descriptions, uploading a photo or finding an example within the recordings.

"Avigilon technology has provided reliability to the system and high image quality, as well as advanced analysis. The cameras have been deployed in a way that optimizes and prepares for the future the investment of the consistory to keep our communities safe”, comment Warwick Neale, team leader of worcester city council community services.

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By • 23 Jun, 2021
• Section: Case studies, Urban security, Video surveillance