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The final version of the Profile specification of this Organization for the standardization of IP-based physical security products provides a mechanism for easy set-up and configuration of supported devices to systems integrators and end users.

Onvif Profile Q

The profile Q's Profile that has presented Onvif It facilitates the installation and connection of systems and safety devices compatible, as well as with the communication Transport Layer Security Protocol (TLS), enabling standard Onvif-compatible devices to communicate with clients over a network, thus offering protection against manipulation and espionage.

For Steve Dillingham, Chairman of the Working Group of Profile Q, "with this final version, both integrators as users end will have interoperability immediately, quickly and easily between compatible cameras and video management systems compatible with the Onvif specification. The development of this profile responds to the demand of the market in relation to a more agile operation with this standard and installation process".

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By • 7 Sep, 2016
• Section: Control Systems, Equipment test, Services, CCTV