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Especially suitable for retail, this new video surveillance device features dual lens and 3D depth technology developed by the manufacturer.

Vivotek SC8131

The SC8131 network video surveillance camera Vivotek provides accurate monitoring of people's counts, with up to one 98% accuracy, thanks to its stereoscopic vision with dual lens design and 3D depth technology of this company, for your application in the retail environment.

As William Ku explains, Vivotek brand business division, "our network camera developments extend beyond security applications as such. By allocating R&D resources in people count analysis, we've created this new stereoscopic network camera, that allows retail to accurately measure visitor traffic and drive business growth".

In this sense, SC8131 stereoscopic camera integrates with Vivotek's Vast central management software, facilitating real-time data transfer and analysis of data obtained. In addition, the device also integrates with video management software (Vms) from the specialist Wavestore, and the company will announce new integrations with other systems.

Vivotek SC8131

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By • 26 Aug, 2016
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance