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The German manufacturer of security systems complete with this appliance for video its portfolio of analysis at the level of initiation, with support of up to four channels of IP video and up to eight-channel recording.

Dallmeier DVS 800 IPS

Dallmeier has your video Sedor analysis server appliance available, DVS 800 IPS, a compact and versatile system that uses hardware platform VideoNetBox II and can be mounted on wall.

DVS 800 IPS incorporates the Sedor Analysis Server software for analysis and Smavia Recording Server for recording, factory-installed and can be configured via Ethernet with a browser.

The evaluation of the recordings can be done with Smavia Viewing Client. In addition to the fast and intuitive representation of live images, client software supports advanced functions for navigation for reproduction, search for metadata, as well as integrating Dallmeier SmartFinder for efficient search of movements and PRemote-HD streaming to the transmission with low bandwidths.

The results of the analysis can be transmitted in real-time to Smavia Viewing Client; send as a message in XML format or used for the control of external relays via Ethernet. A transmission is also possible external management customer PGuard advance.

With optional visualisation and evaluation Sedor DiViStic module can be represented graphically or in tabular form the results of counting by Ethernet via a browser applications.

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By • 22 Jul, 2015
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