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The new ViewCam Plus D-Link DCS-250 software facilitates the monitoring of up to 64 in an installation network video surveillance cameras, as well as the recording of images, with intelligent Analytics.

D-Link DCS-250 Plus ViewCam

Simple to use, D-Link It has designed the ViewCam Plus DCS-250 system to display, record and play back in real time up to 64 IP cameras, both of this manufacturer and third-party, on a single monitor (locally or remotely) to provide suitable management of security in large deployments.

This software automatically detects the video surveillance cameras to facilitate the process of setting, as in the case of servers and network video recorders (NVR) of the company for the storage of recordings.

Along with monitoring and recording real-time video surveillance network, D-ViewCam Plus adds the possibility that users may expand their area of surveillance through total control of cameras with PTZ motorized lens or zoom. Also, different positions preset cameras to monitor the most important areas with a simple click or create privacy masks to avoid the monitoring of individuals or certain areas can be programmed.

D-Link DCS-250 Plus ViewCam

Another benefit of this software is the intelligent management of alarms and events thanks to its Smart Guard, capable of responding with sending email, SMS, calls from phone and Alerts 'push notification', among other announcements, both the detection of movement or sound of the cameras sensors (or external sensors that are connected to these devices and alarms of the installation) as to advanced features in video analytics (object missing or strange in the scene, occlusion of the camera, loss of focus or signal,…).

Also, If an incident needs to be analyzed, the intelligent search function allows users to find the footage looking for quickly and accurately, helping companies and authorities to react more efficiently.

To optimize the storage space for recordings, D-ViewCam Plus boasts advanced features, as the simultaneous recording of two streams, keeping on one recording in low resolution/frame rate and automatically activating another in high resolution in the event of alarm, to make it more effective identification of the scene or event.

D-Link DCS-250 Plus ViewCam

The Multi-Stream Live View functionality that is integrated into software reduces the processing load, providing different streams for each scenario (local view with high resolution/frame rate and remote viewing to lower resolution/frame rate) which reduces the CPU load, involving less hardware requirements in the server.

Companies can also buy licenses Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) additional to enable intelligent analytics with recognition of presence and people counting, cars or objects, as well as to detect attempts of manipulation of cameras (Tamper Detection).

All D-Link NVR and IP cameras include free VMS D-ViewCam DCS-100 software, a standard but fully functional version of the DCS-250 Plus D-ViewCam, that euros can be obtained from distributors and wholesalers specialized for a price of € 849, While the module count and presence is marketed by €589 and € 129, respectively.

D-Link DCS-250 Plus ViewCam

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By • 26 May, 2015
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