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These solutions incorporate anti-distortion technology to monitor even the smallest detail of large rooms and include a front Led that indicates the quality of the WiFi signal received from the router to locate them in the best area.

D-Link It has expanded its range of solutions for video surveillance mydlink for small offices with DCS and DCS - 2530 L models L - 936, it allow to control any room, day or night, and remotely from mobile devices or computers.

Night vision technology, combined with the video in high definition (720p DCS - 936L and Full HD 1080 p DCS L - 2530), offers a vision detailed of the stay, While night vision with infrared LEDs provides visibility up to five metres in total darkness.

The detection of sound and movement capabilities sent notifications push and email to the phone as alarm management, activating recordings of video in a card microSD that you can insert in the slot integrated. The user is alerted on the phone with a popup notification and an email when it detects motion or sound, with configurable settings.

Their motion and sound sensors allow a total configuration, with areas of tracking movement and sensation in the allowed sound level dB.

The security of double layer and the powerful technology of encryption guarantee that the streaming of video and audio remain private and secure when is enter remotely through Internet.

These new surveillance cameras also help the user to find the best location to locate them through a front Led, that indicates the quality of the signal WiFi that receive of the router to locate them in the best area.

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By • 30 Jan, 2017
• Section: CCTV