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With the DF4820HD-DN/IR, Dallmeier offers a camera IR 2 MP for outdoors, with Full HD resolution, prepared to work under almost any light condition.

Dallmeier DF4820HD-DN-go
To complete your portfolio of cameras, Dallmeier It has launched a smaller version of the model IR 3 megapixel DF4920HD-DN / go. The new DF4820HD-DN/IR supports resolutions of up to 2 megapixel camera with all the functions and the high image quality of the top model that meets the highest demands in the surveillance sector.

The DF4820HD-DN/IR is a network HD camera, protected from the weather, Automatic day/night switching with integrated infrared lighting. It offers Full HD video in real time (1080p/30) en formato H.264.

In addition to extensive functions for automatic and manual optimization of images and other setting options, It is equipped with switching automatic day/night through a sensor of ambient light and removable IR cut filter (ICR). Automatic day/night operation is supported by the IR homogeneous integrated lighting using Led high performance semi-discretos of 850 nm.

The camera also has a motorized P-Iris megapixel varifocal lens, allowing control and comfortable zoom setting, focus and IRIS through the browser web.

Get control of diaphragm P-Iris, compared with objectives DC Auto-Iris conventional, significantly improved with excellent contrast image quality, excellent sharpness and detail resolution improved, combined with a greater depth of field, under almost all light conditions. The Digital Image Shift function then enables a digital image shift for fine adjustment of the frame.

This camera of Dallmeier is mounted in a housing of protection of it weatherproof IP66 and designed for the use both in the interior as in the foreign. Powered by Power over Ethernet, that allows a wiring and put in place rapid, easy and economical.

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By • 4 May, 2015
• Section: CCTV