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Comprehensive security management platform Lenel OnGuard has been reviewed and its version 7.0 have been included features that optimize performance and extend its integration with third.

Lenel OnGuard 7.0

With version 7.0 the OnGuard, Lenel Systems Inernational offers the next generation of its platform security management with a number of enhancements including faster performance in enterprise environments, as well as new features and certifications for end users.

OnGuard is a solution for integrating access control systems and video surveillance management (VMS) based on an open architecture that forms a robust solution for enterprise applications. The scalability of its design can be implemented in companies that start with a small access control infrastructure and can grow as the company increases its presence globally.

Lenel OnGuard 7.0With the addition of intrusion signal monitoring and advanced GUI, OnGuard provides alarm video verification, thereby increasing the likelihood of intrusion detection and interruption of attacks against infrastructure protected.

The portfolio of applications OnGuard, includes access control, issuing and managing credentials ID, alarm monitoring, Digital Video Management, content analysis, biometry, Intrusion Detection, visitor management, smart cards and the ability to integrate with many third-party systems.

OnGuard offers unlimited growth within an integrated software solution. It has been designed to meet the needs of companies of any size, either those in which an entry level two readers is required, to a large corporation with many branches and thousands of readers located around the world. OnGuard supports an unlimited number of readers, alarm points and cardholder.

Integration with third

Lenel the principle of product development is based on the ability to aggregate to the various existing systems to operate in an integrated manner.

As a result of a new service-oriented architecture (SOA), La Plataforma Lenel OnGuard 7.0 cardholder offers almost time replication, providing a significant increase in speed that directly benefits the larger users and distributed globally. Cardholder updates are automatically delivered to their target in seconds when changes are made.

In version 7.0 the OnGuard 7.0 is also optimized integration with Building Solutions UTC & Industrial Systems including security control platform Edwards ST3, and DVRs and NVRs Interlogix TruVisi.

Features OnGuard 7.0

  • Filed in a secondary database.
  • Improved usability monitoring and alarm management FIFO.
  • Hyperlinks with alarm acknowledgment instruction.
  • Compatibility with Assa Abloy Aperio.
  • Integration with Allegion Schlage AD-400 Wireless and access control solutions Edge Evo.

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By • 21 Jan, 2015
• Section: Alarms, Access control, Detection, Intrusion, Computer Security, CCTV