Equipped with a set of sixteen microphones and advanced audio processing technologies, Panasonic's WV-SMR10 network system captures clear sounds on a perimeter of 6 meters and integrates with IP video surveillance cameras to synchronize with the recording player.

Panasonic WV-SMR10N3

The WV-SMR10 network microphone of Panasonic, in combination with the WV-SMR10N3 microphone kit provide specific audio control capability in any direction and 360º, with a noisy ambient sound level or with live acoustics of 65 dB SPL.

This system, composed of a set of sixteen microphones, also offers audio monitoring for video surveillance, since just like horizontal motion security cameras, vertical and zoom allow you to capture what you want to see, these new network microphones capture the sounds you want to hear in specific areas and in any direction.

Panasonic WV-SMR10N3In this sense, the WV-SMR10 network microphone, with anti-vandal mechanism, can be installed in one place and integrated with an IP video surveillance camera and synchronized with the recording player, in order to have not only the images but the sound collected in the specified direction collected by the camera.

As they point out from Panasonic, "having audio capacity with 360º video surveillance is a great step to ensure greater security and business productivity".

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By • 9 Oct, 2014
• Section: Deep down, Test equipment, Video surveillance