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Arecont Vision has set a new milestone in performance capture color images from megapixel IP cameras in situations of near darkness with their new Stellar Technology, be presented in Ifsec 2014.

Arecont-Vision-MegaDome2 Stellar

Spatio Temporal Low Light Architecture (Stellar) is the new technology developed by Arecont Vision dramatically increases the performance of IP megapixel cameras to capture color images in almost complete darkness environments.

The capabilities of the Stellar Technology (temporal space architecture in low light) will be shown during the event security Ifsec 2014, of 17 to the 19 June at ExCel London, where Arecont Vision has created a special darkroom in his exhibition space (stand nº E400) for professionals to see first hand the results offered.

As Sri Rama Prasanna Pavani explains, vice president of engineering Arecont Vision, "Our technology includes algorithms Stellar, Patent pending, addition to optical and sensor improvements that increase light sensitivity and performance of megapixel cameras ".

Arecont-Vision-MegaDome2 Stellar

Initially, Stellar's technology will be integrated in the megapixel cameras from Arecont Vision MegaDome. Among the features of these devices provides IP CCTV all-in-one 'highlighted the extreme sensitivity to light; noise reduction spatiotemporal; Adaptive improved contrast and motion blur reduction, and a low bit rate to conserve bandwidth and storage space.

"Arecont Vision continues to develop new technologies and products that provide unique solutions to deal with the challenges posed by video imaging applications for security, Stellar is and example ", subraya Prasanna Pavani.

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By • 6 June, 2014
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