Us manufacturer Anviz has gone one step further in facial recognition systems with facepass pro system, which incorporates an internal BioNano algorithm to identify up to three hundred users with a recognition rate of less than one second.

Anviz FacePass Pro

FacePass Pro's facial recognition system Anviz, that could be seen for the first time in the Ifsec contest 2014, incorporates the new BioNano algorithm in its platform that ensures that the identification speed of the terminal is less than one second and that allows the identification of up to three hundred individuals, with internal memory for 200.000 Records.

Anviz Ifsec2014This security device, applicable to any installation such as access control, equips two mini-cameras that analyze facial features from different positions to generate precise reference parameters (up to a 99%), with self-learning function, allowing the recognized user to continue to be identified effectively despite the makeovers they have (beard, hair, Glasses, Etc).

In addition, FacePass Pro has an infrared light source so that the terminal can recognize the user even in conditions of total darkness, with a viewing angle of 20º and an indicator that warns if the recognition has been validated on the touch color screen, of 2,8 Inch.

As far as connectivity is concerned, this terminal has a USB and TCP/IP port for user communication and download of data registered for access control management and can be integrated with third-party software.

Anviz FacePass Pro

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By • 28 Jul, 2014
• Section: Deep down, Access control, Detection