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Spartan Raytec LED Spotlights, supplying CCTV Center, have ATEX and IECEx Certification, making them suitable for hazardous areas and areas prone to fire them.

CCTV Raytec Spartan

CCTV Center Raytec trusts new Spartan series, a full range of LED bulbs for ATEX / IECEx environments that aims to change the way they have addressed the lighting in flammable environments. With outbreaks Spartan, the dual advantage of high power Raytec maintenance savings can be applied to critical facilities at risk of fire.

The Spartan bulbs are designed for maximum efficiency and easy maintenance in complex systems that require high performance and reliability in extreme operating conditions such as gas plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, food processing factories, etc..

CCTV Raytec SpartanThe Spartan systems, offering output 9,000 lumens, are ultra-efficient, because LEDs use half of a traditional solution and require only a maximum of 120W. The thermal management system CoolXtrude can generate a lot of power while ensuring operational life of the bulb over 10 years old.

All products installed in critical areas should be reviewed periodically, so the Spartan series has been designed to be monitored easily and quickly. Its unique modular design allows instant access to key components of the outbreak including LED modules and power (PSU). The power supply of the Spartan foci is removable and can be changed quickly. They can also be installed remotely for easy maintenance in limited access areas.

The Spartan Raytec lights comply with Atex and IECEx certification areas 1 and 2 and are protected by a rugged marine grade aluminum with reinforced glass window. Also, have been field tested and are backed by the long-lasting LED technology Raytec.

The Spartan bulbs are available in both white light and infrared light (AND) in sizes 12, 24 and 48 LED.

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By • 26 May, 2014
• Section: Control Systems, Detection, Infrastructure