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Designed to counteract the disadvantages of rotary perimeter security radars and large areas, SpotterRF systems offers a solution stretch radar detection, effective and economical, available in the Spanish market through CCTV Center.

SpotterRF radar CCTV Center

Radars SpotterRF, brand marketed in Spain retailers CCTV Center, offer a compact format (only 25 cm) and light (between 700 gr. and 2,3 Kg. depending on the model), which facilitates installation on poles or existing infrastructure without the need for civil works.

In this sense, SpotterRF is especially suitable for perimeter protection applications and large areas, ability to detect a size targets more than one person 950 meters away, day and night, in virtually all weather conditions.

SpotterRF radar CCTV Center

These characteristics of the radar solid state are not only spreads over the rotating radars, but rather reverse their drawbacks (much heavier, complex to configure and sensitive to uneven terrain) and additional costs, SpotterRF added as a simple configuration (less than ten minutes through web interface), reduced size, the ability to integrate with other radars and PTZ cameras installation, plus they can be installed at high altitude to better exploit the field of view and avoid obstacles and blind spots.

SpotterRF is also waterproof (including pressurized water), has IP67 and can operate in temperatures from -30 to 65º. Also, as no moving parts subject to wear, no maintenance.

SpotterRF radar CCTV Center

Area coverage and detection distance

SpotterRF radars generate solid elliptical area coverage, with an opening angle of 90 °, so it is very easy to combine several units to effectively cover large areas and perimeters.

A radar sensor SP-C40 can detect and track a moving target the size of a person at any point of the detection zone 350 meters distance in real time, both day and night, and adverse weather conditions (rain, fog and snow).

Spotter RF interfaz NIO CCTV Center

The SP-C550 model can detect a target size of a person at a distance of 850 meters and the size of a car 1.500 meters, whereas SP-C550-EXT sensing distance for people is extended to 950 meters.

For his part, radar SP-C950 (currently in the process of approval) is able to detect a target size of a person at a distance of 1.250 meters.


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