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Bogota police patrol cars have been equipped with an automated registration recognition system consisting of IndigoVision LPR cameras and Raytec Vario i4 illuminators.

IndigoVision and Raytec at Policia Bogota

Local Bogota police (Colombia) needed a solution that would allow it to combat speeding in areas lacking fixed video surveillance systems. That's why he decided to equip his patrol cars with an automated license plate recognition system (Lpr) made up of the cameras IndigoVision and the Vario lighting systems Raytec.

This equipment has been mounted on top of the EGC integrator vehicles chosen by Raytec Vario i4 illuminators for their performance and reliability, besides that it allowed them to capture the enrolments in any light condition.

IndigoVision and Raytec at Policia BogotaThese devices are equipped with a holographic lens equipped with hot spots reduction technology (Hrt), providing good quality even over long distances. With IndigoVision LPR cameras it is possible to capture images with great sharpness.

Various illuminators get power from any battery 12-24, which makes them ideal for this type of mobile security application. In addition, The interchangeable lens system provides the flexibility to adjust the draft of the lighting whenever necessary to fit any scene. Just assign dates from a different lens in the unit, feature that traditional fixed-angle illuminators do not have.

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By • 5 Feb, 2015
• Section: Case studies, Detection, Urban security, Video surveillance