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Designed for surveillance in different transport, bus as the train wagons, Camera mobile network dome MD8531H format 1,2 megapixel is designed to withstand all weather conditions and vandalism incidents.

Vivotek MD8531H

Vivotek has unveiled the new generation of compact cameras 1,2 megapixel network dome team MD8531H. A model that is designed for transportation applications such as buses, Trains, fleet of trucks and other vehicles.

The MD8531H complies with EN50155 and IP66 standards making shockproof, vibes, moisture, dust and temperature fluctuations, keeping the image stable and secure video while the vehicle is in motion. Also, the metal case provides solid protection against vandalism.

Vivotek MD8531HThe detection function makes intelligent manipulation MD8531H a robust camera that keeps security staff informed when video loss occurs or if you have any queries. And for easy storage and portability of information, This machine has a microSD card slot, SDHC y SDXC, from wherever possible local recording.

Its high resolution image and robust design make it an ideal camera for requirements that are required to maximize passenger safety and optimize mobile surveillance.

This Vivotek camera mobile technology incorporates WDR Pro, providing better visibility in large-hire light, as inputs and outputs of tunnels, and functionality of 3D noise reduction, that allows you to capture crisp, clear images in low light, and reducing the noise bandwidth of the sensor. Thus, users can identify a greater level of detail in both very bright pictures in dark environments or.


  • CMOS sensor 1,2 megapixel
  • 30 FPS, 1280×960
  • Normative EN50155
  • WDR Pro to provide better visibility in extremely bright or dark
  • Star rating IK10 and IP66 vandal proof
  • Connection 802.3af, PoE
  • MicroSD card slot / SDHC / SDXC
  • Video Rotation for Corridor Scenario

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By • 22 May, 2014
• Section: Urban Security, CCTV