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Total Connect Box offers a security solution that includes Ethernet and GPRS communication options, as well as an optional WiFi/Bluetooth module. This is complemented by Total Connect Pro Manager, a honeywell cloud-hosted maintenance tool.

Cloud Security

Honeywell has expanded its anti-intrusion offer with Total Connect Box and Total Connect Pro Manager solutions. The first is a panel via radio with remote management designed for small businesses; while the second is a powerful maintenance tool for professional security installers.

Total Connect Box offers a compact security system that is discreetly integrated into any type of decoration. Includes Ethernet and GPRS communication options, as well as an optional WiFi/Bluetooth module, that allows the installer to design the ideal installation for its customers without the need for additional wiring.

Honeywell Total Connect BoxWhen an alarm occurs, an e-mail alert is received, notificación de voz o mensaje de texto y se puede acceder a más información mediante la app web Total Connect 2.0E. Mediante una sencilla interfaz, el usuario puede armar, desarmar o comprobar el estado del sistema de seguridad de forma remota desde cualquier lugar del mundo con su smartphone, tableta u ordenador.

Si el sistema de seguridad incluye uno o varios sensores de movimiento con la cámara Camir-F1, es posible grabar y almacenar las imágenes en la nube Honeywell Cloud.

Instalado por profesionales de la seguridad, Total Connect Box admite una amplia gama de periféricos de seguridad, como sensores de movimiento, contactos de puerta/impacto, pulsadores de alarma anti-pánico o sensores de humo y monóxido de carbono. In addition, the system will also alert in case of failure in the power supply, low battery level or flood.

In some cases, the installer can use Total Connect Box as a platform to connect smoke and CO detectors, offering additional peace of mind to business owners when off-premises. The system also offers the possibility to remotely control lighting and heating through the Total Connect 2.0E web app and Honeywell smartplugs. The web app also allows the user to control electricity consumption, allowing you to save energy.

Honeywell Total Connect Box

Web maintenance tool

Total Connect Pro Manager allows the installer to perform maintenance tasks on the Total Connect Box security systems of its customers. It is a powerful maintenance tool hosted in the Honeywell Cloud that gives the installer remote access to the installed Total Connect Box panels.

The technician can carry out diagnoses, adjust configurations and provide maintenance to customers from anywhere, even while working at other facilities. With this information you can provide preventive maintenance.

For example, the installer can alert the customer when the system battery is low or if a change in the location of a sensor has reduced transmission levels via radio. Offering this additional level of service guarantees homeowners and small businesses the maximum performance of their Total Connect Box system and avoids travel to installers.

"We wanted to create a self-management-focused solution that would offer real value to our security professionals.. That's why, we have developed for them new honeywell cloud-based services that allow us to offer preventive maintenance services and home automation options in a comfortable and simple way", says Flavio Daffara, Product Marketing Manager at Honeywell Security and Fire.


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By • 10 Jul, 2017
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