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All Bosch Praesensa components are networked, which guarantees maximum flexibility and scalability, from small to large centralized systems.

Bosch Praesensa

Developed by Bosch, the new system IP public address and voice Praesensa evacuation incorporates the Omneo IP architecture of this manufacturer, that supports audio networks Dante, AES67 and AES70 Protocol, as it has recently shown the company during its participation in SICUR 2018.

With features that guarantee the security of data, as well as a redundant network connection, This system is based on the concept of absence of a single point of failure, and only requires a limited number of different devices to respond to the needs of the system and the user.

Bosch praesensa sicur2018Multi-channel amplifiers of Praesensa architecture, with intelligent allocation of power through the outputs of the amplifier and amplification of integrated booking, It significantly improves the effective use of the available power, regardless of the distribution of the burden of speakers in the areas.

The result of this technology is that plants need less amplifiers, with savings of up to the 50% space, power and battery backup, According to the data provided by the company, that translates into a competitive cost of ownership of the system.

Available on the market from July of 2018, Praesensa has an interface that combines a touch screen with buttons that improves user experience, with clear information about the progress of ongoing activities and the State of the system.

Praesensa is a comprehensive system that complies with the standard evacuation in 54-16 and easily adapts to changing needs. It offers full audio by zone control to create the environment with background music, as well as to comply with the requirements of intelligibility in business operations and emergency.

Bosch sicur2018 PA

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By • 26 Feb, 2018
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