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The institution has strengthened security and protocols for its return to fair work in September, while claiming its strategic role in revitalizing the economy.

The imminent return to fair activity Ifema, next September, has accelerated the tuning of the venue and its management to ensure the maximum safety and health of its exhibitors, Visitors, suppliers and employees.

In this de-scalding process, just as he picked up Digital AV Magazine, there are many measures that are being subjected to analysis and certification by IFEMA for its return to activity and to recover the strategic role of fairs and congresses, with the aim of assisting companies in reviving their businesses and the economy.

To do this, the institution is already adopting all protocols based on criteria defined by health authorities, as well as major national and international public and sectoral bodies, to provide safe and healthy spaces and environments.

To this end,, IFEMA is working to activate mechanisms to ensure and monitor everything related to security areas, control and preservation of the health of the different groups involved in fairs, as well as hygiene, quality and environmental safety of the facilities.

Dahua Ifema Covid thermal camera 19

Capacity management and control

Add to them the management and control of capacity, and constant monitoring of human trafficking for the prevention of high concentration and social estating. All this accompanied by communication systems and awareness campaigns for the fulfillment of good practices in the framework of fairs and for the adaptation of companies to the new postCOVID-19 environment.

The objective at this time "is to maximize the protection of the professional communities represented in the various calls, and suppliers and employees to avoid any risk", IFEMA's statement. To this end, prevention measures and mechanisms are being implemented, protected by the Health and Safety Control Unit (Ucs), recently created by the institution

In this sense, IFEMA has launched a comprehensive strategy called No hands. Contactless during all production processes, holding and dismantling their events and for all users of the venue.

Ifema renews megafonia with LDA and Ruybesa

It has also designed a new preventive traffic management procedure for people and vehicles; has incorporated telemetric meters of input and exit people that allow real-time control of attendance levels, as well as technological solutions to know and control spaces of confluence and concentration of people with higher than recommended density levels. In spaces where the minimum distance cannot be maintained, protective screens have also been installed and masks will be forced.

Another effective measure will be the access system eticketing, that the assistant will receive electronically and display on your phone screen to speed up accesses and minimize concentrations in registration areas, in addition to daily access passes to control capacity, as well as 0 Rows, designed for queue management based on spatial distribution criteria, with separators, ground and air and support staff for traffic control and management.

Ifema renews megafonia with LDA and Ruybesa

Health service measures and units

In this area there is technology in the accesses of IFEMA; body temperature detection systems (more details on Digital Security); health status verification systems, first aid services and units, medical services, emergency departments and units specializing in immunology and epidemiology.

In addition, protocols have been established to optimize and reinforce the frequency, intensity and quality of cleaning services, Sanitation, disposal of waste and disinfection processes from all indoor and outdoor areas of the enclosure.

Add to them the distribution of disinfection dispensers at all points of passage, in addition to continuously showing hygiene measures visibly in strategic locations.


Measures to ensure mobility

The movements and movements of arrival and departure of the venue will also be monitored, guaranteeing uninterrupted connections in public transport services, Taxis, shuttle services, Vtc, Etc. and pre-emptively managing entries, travel downloads and waiting areas for people and vehicle traffic exits from the premises.

In addition, the flows of entrances and exits will be organized to avoid queues and high intensity areas during the holding of fairs, congresses and events.

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By • 29 May, 2020
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