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A Spanish company has developed It's possible the free app International SOS Help Me-that connects with mobile police, ambulance to the Bomberos 200 countries, addition to locate the place where the emergency has occurred.

App Help Me SOS international

The Spanish firm A It's possible has developed an emergency app, that connects with emergency phones police, ambulance or fire the country or region of the world where the user is then.

La app, denomianda Help Me SOS International, is available at 35 languages, is automatically set to the language of the smartphone and emergency numbers of the country in which the user is. But 3G coverage is available, the application can be manually configured to access emergency numbers selected country.

Help Me SOS International facilitates, by geolocation, physical address or the GPS coordinates of where the user is, and allows easily send this data via SMS or email to the person you are interested contact if necessary.

App Help Me SOS internationalHelp Me-International SOS is designed to help people in any emergency. According to Alfredo Pérez, one of its creators, Several NGOs have proven their potential and capabilities and have already become an indispensable tool in the smartphones of their employees and volunteers around the world who use it as a base tool to help all types of emergencies.

The free app A It's possible has been downloaded in the last two weeks, since its launch, more than 5.000 users.

Although downloads are mostly from Spain, the application is also being well received internationally, and users have already downloaded from 70 countries, as Colombia, Argentina, Mexico United States, England, Venezuela and Chile, Alfredo Pérez explains.

Help Me-SOS International is available for both iPhone and Android. "Our goal is trying to get this application to be a favorite and indispensable tools for all smartphone users, because it provides an added confidence in their physical safety due to easy handling and speed, allowing them to request and receive any assistance wherever they are”.

Help Me SOS International es útil, Fast, simple and very efficient due to the large field of action, operating in more than 200 countries and geographical areas of the world.

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By • 9 Apr, 2014
• Section: Communications, Computer Security, Services