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On the occasion of SICUR 2014, which is being held at the Fira de Madrid, FISA and IFEMA presented the second edition of SICUR Latin America, the month of October in Santiago de Chile.

Sicur 2014

After the success achieved in the last edition, on April 2013, IFEMA and FISA, his Chilean counterpart, have presented the second edition of WARDROBE Latinomérica to be held 15 to the 17 October 2014 Espacio Riesco in Santiago de Chile.

The act, held under the International Exhibition of Security (SICUR 2014), which is being held at the Fira de Madrid, He attended Santiago Quiroga, Director of International Expansion of IFEMA, and Carlos Parada, Commercial manager FISA announced their intention to organize this show annually. This decision was the result of the results obtained in the first edition, in which participated more than 120 companies and attended by about 6.000 Professional.

Santiago Quiroga (IFEMA)The aim is that this event will become a meeting point for companies and professionals from both continents.

In his presentation, Santiago Quiroga emphasized the importance of branding SICUR both domestically and internationally. Also highlighted the importance of the Chilean edition because it is the only exhibition in Latin America that treats security from a holistic perspective (safety y security), encompassing job security, citizen and natural disasters.

Carlos Parada focused his speech on the opportunities that Chile offers Spanish companies, since it is the country that has best emerging economy in Latin America. He also highlighted the availability of this market, financial stability, low level of investment risk and potential for business.

Carlos stop (Fisa)Chile also offers great potential in the private security, that has registered a growth of 14% Annual from 2010, and in the field of occupational safety, whose development has been favored by the concern to reduce the cost posed by accidents, representing 19% the operating budget of the Chilean industry. To this must be added the government initiatives supported by a regulatory framework that requires companies to invest in workplace safety.

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By • 27 Feb, 2014
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