Sicur 2022 Genetec and i-Pro

In order to offer a new point of view of urban safety and smart cities, i-Pro And Genetec have joined their technologies to show a comprehensive solution at the stand of Sicur 2022.

Sicur 2022 Genetec and i-ProI-Pro has come to Sicur 2022 as a technological partner of Genetec (stand 10G14) to showcase your solution offering.

The company, formerly known as Panasonic, offers a new perspective on urban safety and smart cities, covering video management systems, video analysis, access control and intrusion detection through a unified, cyber-secure platform that facilitates operations.

Genetec, developer of Security Center, an open architecture platform that brings together IP-based video surveillance, access control, ANPR license plate recognition systems, Etc., together with i-Pro, have joined forces to address the new challenges of urban security.

Sicur 2022 Genetec and i-ProThe integration of Genetec's analytical capabilities with i-Pro streams enables both partners to offer an intelligent video surveillance solution, secure and scalable.

"Thanks to this alliance, we are closer to our customers by providing simplified solutions for all agents involved in security and enrich the Genetec software platform with specific hardware features for Platinum i-PRO”, Explains Rafael Martin Enriquez, South Europe Sales Director of Genetec.

At the Sicur stand 2022 are presenting their portfolio of technological solutions through an i-Pro camera with AI through the Multi AI di managed by Genetec Security Center. In this way, it is possible to see and experience the Deep Learning integrated into the camera, thanks to its AI processor, lightening the overall load on the system and avoiding the installation of external servers.

"Video streams between the i-Pro camera and the Genetec platform are end-to-end encrypted and validated by certificates pre-installed on the camera", Adds Antonella Sciortino, Regional Marketing Manager South & East Europe i-PRO EMEA.

Sicur 2022 Genetec and i-Pro

i-Pro Multi-AI

Designed to harness the power of your latest camera models and applications with artificial intelligence thanks to its integration into existing CCTV infrastructures, this add-on software, available for free, allows users to manage AI analytics from multiple i-Pro cameras, along with your video management system.

In this way, a security solution based on faster artificial intelligence is created, efficient and accurate, without affecting image quality or network performance.

The system i-Pro Multi-AI is fully integrated into the latest version of Genetec Security Center (V5.10.1). Along with the latest series i-Pro S And X of cameras with AI capability – Deep Learning, and its free-to-use AI security applications, a new security ecosystem is created powered by AI as a common denominator.

The system works using i-Pro cameras that support artificial intelligence and in-camera analysis, as well as plug-ins on the video management system server (Vms) and by the client.

The software captures and filters Best Shot images and metadata, relying on deep camera learning with artificial intelligence to perform highly accurate analysis.

On the other hand, can be used with existing i-Pro's own AI applications, for example AI-VMD And AI Privacy Guard, as well as with the three new applications of artificial intelligence: AI Face, AI People And AI Vehicle Detection. All of them allow a quick and easy search of images from the metadata.

In order to bring participants the most innovative technology and AI systems, the stand has been set up predisposing a space dedicated to one-to-one meetings, to exchange impressions, see in situ the versatility of AI technology, and reveal the simplicity of the operations available.

Sicur 2022 Genetec and i-Pro

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By • 23 Feb, 2022
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