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A total of 1.300 participating companies, associations, security professionals and users gather in the nineteenth edition of SICUR, the International Exhibition of Security, biennially for professionals, organized by IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, to showcase the latest technological developments, hardware, solutions and services for this industry.

Inauguration SICUR 2014

SICUR 2014 opens today at fairgrounds IFEMA supported by 1.300 companies, associations and security professionals to 28 February show their news with a global vision and 360 of this industry, technology structured (Security); fire safety and emergency, private and public security, and safety.

Opening SICUR2014With this global vision and international, with the presence of companies from twenty-five countries, The contest invites industry professionals to meet specific proposals for implementation in vertical markets, new developments marked by innovation, and to analyze and discuss the trends and challenges of the security industry in various forums, seminars and conferences created to promote opportunities for collaboration.
In its previous edition, in 2012, the event received 38.840 Professional, a 2% more than 2O1O, who knew the deal 1.233 companies -524 direct involvement- according to sources within the organization.

Innovation in Safety

Opening SICUR2014As in previous years and as one of the focuses of the event, Gallery of new products SICUR 2014 has selected this time with a total of twenty five innovations developed by national and international companies in this industry, among which are nine in the security environment and eight fire safety and emergency.

Selected innovations in security focus on technology applied to improve the image quality of video surveillance cameras, and intelligent video analysis and identification of people and objects in low light conditions.

SICUR2014Furthermore there is a solution for access control is added by iris recognition of a person in motion and distance; one electronic combination lock that interacts with a telephony device móvily other great products like a drone of art activities geared to various security or a new device to detect the use of ketamine.

SICUR2014In this area are the selected decoder AX-TV, de Visual Tools; red camera Axis Q1614; electronic lock wirelessly connected to smartphone and tablets Arcas Olle, SL; UAS system (Ummaned Aircraft System) Aeryon Scout de Tecosa – Siemens; cámaras Starlight de Bosch Security Systems; Test Drugwipe 6S Ketamina the Saborit International; el transdecodificador IP Videojet XTC XF de Bosch Security Systems, and the solution for access control of Stanley Security EyeLock.

The combination of different technologies also has an important role in advancing industry and emergency fire and reveal new intelligent evacuation systems that includes this year's New Product Gallery, or vacuum systems capable of differentiating smoke particles off the dust or new dry extinguishing nozzles that prevent damage to computer equipment.

WARDROBE Latinoamérica

A few days before the celebration of SICUR 2014 the dates of the second edition of Latin America also knew SICUR, organized by IFEMA - Feria de Madrid y FISA, Chile's largest operator of occupational exposures, of 15 to the 17 October at the fairgrounds in Espacio Riesco, in Santiago de Chile.

The international positioning of this event, unique in its proposal on the Latin American continent, was supported by the participation of more than 120 exhibitors and attendance 6.000 Professional.

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By • 25 Feb, 2014
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