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The Spanish international technology company Indra presented in Sabadell Smart Congress vision on integrating security systems for Smart Cities, through its comprehensive system iSafety.

Indra Barajas airport

Under the Sabadell Smart Congress, held 8 and 9 April in the Catalan town, Indra He has shared his views on the integration of Smart City concepts and security for cities of the future.

Sabadell Smart Congress 2013The company has realized this concept in iSafety, your system for the integrated management of emergencies and security incidents in cities, that provides intelligent support receiving citizen demands and coordinated management of activities of the various enforcement bodies involved in its resolution (112, Police, Fire, Civil Protection, health services).

The iSafety platform can leverage the information collected by different systems and smart sensors already deployed in the city to improve the effectiveness of the actions of the security forces. As explained in his speech Fernando Espona, manager in the security market Indra, "You can not understand the concept of Smart City if it is not accompanied by an improvement in the security of citizens. The key is the ability to leverage the technologies deployed in different models of smart cities to increase the effectiveness of interventions in emergencies ".

As Esposito notes, this approach "does not require the deployment of a new type of urban technology, but the implementation of a management platform that could exploit security information from different systems; from sensors or mobile alerts to smoke detectors or fire ".

A practical application of this integration is the ability to know the actual volume of instant traffic in a way to recalculate the best choices when attending a casualty evacuation zone, or interact on the traffic light network.

In this context, the manager said that Indra is currently studying the incorporation of new features to the platform, as the transmission of medical data via smartphones or using items citizen information, as dynamic panels or advanced systems audifonía to disseminate information of interest in an area if necessary.

Indra DaVinci CenterUnique vision and reduced response times

iSafety enables unified management of calls received in the emergency number and coordination of the actions of the competent bodies and areas that have to act in every situation, addition to competition with other agencies in emergencies and / or disasters, to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response.

It also brings into a single platform a new set of integrated applications, care systems as notices, coordination, control, response, office and resource tracking, Communications Integration, geographic information systems or vehicle tracking.

Currently iSafety coordinates emergencies cities like Madrid and Buenos Aires, exceeding two million calls a year and demand thousands of monthly interventions. It has also been adopted by Spanish municipalities medium sized rooms and manages the 091, increased police headquarters Spain.

Indra also offers specific solutions for intelligent traffic management and urban public transport, references in countries like Spain, Colombia, China, Brazil, Chile, Mexico Peru. Among one of the Spanish cities include Pamplona (with 170 surveillance cameras, triage system, Access control beacons and infrastructure improvement) and Torrejón de Ardoz (40 traffic cameras and surveillance, regulation semafórica, location and monitoring of police fleet and incident response).

Indra Buenos Aires

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By • 10 Apr, 2013
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