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This solution, composed of network cameras with smoke detector and thermal sensor, allows you to monitor large areas of forest, day and night, and detect small pockets of fire form early and automatic, no need for line of sight with the same.

Indra Faedo

The technology company Indra It has shown the improvements and advances, which offers its Faedo system during the last forest Congress Spanish (7CFE), recently organized in Palencia by the Spanish society of forestry (SECF), which reduces in a 40% the number of fires and a 30% the average area burned, According to the data presented by Pablo Fernández and Fernando Aller, This company engineers, who emphasized the ability of the technology to monitor the forest the 24/7 and to detect fire early to quell it until it extends and develops in an emergency.

To achieve this, Indra has been integrated into the same solution visual detection of smoke with thermal detection, allowing you to measure the temperature of smoke columns to determine if behind a hill or accident can be fire. So, Faedo is capable of detecting small pockets of fire both day and night, with a residual percentage of false alarms.

How already said Digital Security Magazine, Faedo system consists of a series of cameras, each with a range of 20 kilometers, they are placed in turrets of surveillance and sent information in real time to a control center.

The operator has in this centre with an integrated vision of what happens in the forest. The system presents you with alarms and displays, on a 3D model of the terrain, the exact location of the fire. It also facilitates the information needed to plan the operation of extinction, helping you to decide which is the best path, where the numbers should be placed, has water or what nearby towns in which points can be affected.

Indra-faedoAs mobility solution, managers who move to the area can connect to the system over the Internet using a Web browser. Moreover, Faedo simulation tools help the operator to analyze how will evolve depending on the weather situation. Once controlled fire, the system will help you identify the place where he started and possible causes.

Indra engineers emphasized in the presentation of Faedo "monitoring forest is a task that should be performed throughout the year", Since, According to the official data of the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries, Food and environment (MAPAMA), in the last decade analyzed, March was the second month of the year with more sinister, only behind August. Also, a high percentage of the arson occurs between the 21:00 and the 2:00 h in the morning, When there is less monitoring and air media may not act.

Both experts said also that "systems based on Visual and thermal cameras are the most widespread solution for automatic fire detection around the world", and they cited the case of Germany, where been deployed have 175 surveillance of this type which have helped reduce jobs in a 40% the number of fires in the area covered and an 30% the average area burned.

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By • 7 Jul, 2017
• Section: Alarms, Case Studies, Control Systems, Detection, Events, Urban Security, Services, CCTV