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The building complex of New York's new World Trade Center will be protected by an artificial intelligence camera system capable of detecting abnormal behaviors supplied by Behavioral Recognition Systems.

The new World Trade Center complex (Wtc) New York (Us.), which will open in 2013, you'll have hundreds of cameras with “Brain”, prepared to detect strange movements and prevent the building complex from becoming targeted for the third time in its history. A military security company will install “cameras equipped with artificial intelligence and capable of detecting abnormal behaviors”.

The president of Behavioral Recognition Systems, John Frazzini, has explained to BBC Mundo that it cannot give details of the 'Ground Zero' security plan, but has described how the cameras work, that will be installed in a space that has 6.5 hectares that will include office buildings, a shopping mall, memorial for the victims of the attacks of the 11 September, a transport terminal and public spaces.

Cameras on alert

A team of smart cameras will monitor all the movements of the new complex. After a few days of searching the field, cameras will process normal space activity they monitor and be alert when they detect new movements, such as a person changing their way or running towards pedestrians, or leave a bag or package on the floor. Cameras will also react when a car parkes in a space not suitable for this use or stays parked for a long period of time.

The computer program will monitor movements “Generic” people's, who will not be identified. Spaces such as public toilets will be outside the range of the machines. “We respect citizens' privacy and cameras do not capture or record information from specific people”, frazzini has noted.

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By • 24 Feb, 2012
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