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Milestone KiteThe Kite solution of Milestone Systems offers an easy-to-install cloud VMS, sure, scalable and cost-effective, with automatic and maintenance-free updates, offered as video surveillance as a service (VSaaS).

As part of the range of data-driven video technology solutions in facilities, Hybrid and native cloud, The new one Milestone Kite Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) Complements the platform Xprotect In Amazon Web Services (Aws) Designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Milestone Kite is a cloud video management system solution (Vms) simple, Secure and scalable powered by Archcules, that updates automatically and offers a video surveillance alternative especially suitable for companies with a single enclave or distributed that need to centrally manage all their sites in an easy-to-use system.

Milestone XProtect 2022 R1Specifically,, Milestone Kite is designed to deliver value and reduced complexity in hybrid cloud security management to retail chains, Schools, Branches and residential buildings.

"We have been investing in VSaaS offerings for many years to prepare for the future," he says. Thomas Jensen, CEO of Milestone Systems-. As more SMBs look for a cloud-based VMS, Easy to deploy and use, with low bandwidth requirements, Scalable between locations and secure, Milestone Kite becomes the most logical option, thanks to the collaboration with Arcules, to help this market segment".

As this manager explains, "Arcules was created to be at the forefront of innovation., With a focus on creating a powerful and easy-to-use new cloud offering for smaller or larger geographically dispersed organizations with remote locations. What we've achieved is a future-proof cloud-native solution, scalable and simple simple".

Andreas Pettersson, CEO of Arcules, states that "Milestone customers no longer need to physically visit multiple sites or spend time on maintenance, they can just install the gateway and that's it," says Jensen.- Kite will automatically integrate access control data with incoming video data to enable access-based verification, see the images from the camera and gain an awareness of the immediate situation".

Simple, Secure and scalable

Milestone Kite allows businesses and users to keep existing cameras or choose from more than 6.000 Supported models, In addition to easily configuring your own video security system, regardless of your IT skills.

The company can securely connect its video surveillance cameras to the cloud and access them from anywhere, at any time, in addition to having an overview of a, Two or hundreds of locations, All in one simple interface, which reduces investment and operating costs.

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By • 10 Nov, 2022
• Section: Deep down, Systems control, Services, Video surveillance