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The new version includes integration with Vanderbilt SPC intrusion system, an engine mapping rules and an application for smartphones.

Vanderbilt ACT Enterprise

Vanderbilt It has announced a new version of the software of access control ACT Enterprise which includes new features such as integration with intrusion SPC system, an engine mapping rules and an application for smartphones.

Vanderbilt ACT Enterprise"Our applications, compatible with Apple and Android, they involve monitoring in real time, administration of users and administration from your smartphone. You can lock and unlock doors, authorize users and verify who is inside and who is outside, wherever you are. Security has never been more convenient and you've never had more control. Also, Vanderbilt intrusion SPC system is now interconnected with ACT”, says Ross Wilks, Head of Marketing Communications of Vanderbilt.

With this version, You can have on a screen high quality graphical maps showing all points of access and alarm of both systems and control all the devices with the click of a button.

Vanderbilt ACT EnterpriseOne of the key features is the ease of use and simplicity of the allocation of Enterprise ACT rules to allow advanced configurations of activators. These can run on changes in the input and the output of the system, and results slip of card access control system, as well as other elements of an integrated system such as the system of intrusion events.

“Mapping of ACT Enterprise rules engine provides an intuitive method to create rules based on Boolean logic and access control events. It does this by allowing the creation of logical relationships among the elements of the system through a drag and drop interface. End-user mapping rules adding guarantees that the interactions can be inserted without interruption throughout the system, what allows a higher level of value added, both for safety and for the enterprise", says Michael Moyna, Technical Director of Vanderbilt products marketing.

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By • 3 Oct, 2018
• Section: Access control, Intrusion