Optimus and Grupo Aguilera

The collaboration between Optimus is materialized in the integration of its public address system and voice alarm Compact and the algorithmic fire centers of Aguilera Group.

The professional solution of Optimus And Aguilera Group Increases the value of the combined fire detection and voice alarm system, to ensure maximum safety and protection in any situation and need.

European regulations indicate that, in the event of a fire, The Detection and public address systems They must work together to optimally organize the evacuation of people.

Grupo Aguilera and Optimus have taken an important step in this direction: Not only alarm messages are emitted by the speakers before the detection of the fire, In addition They adapt dynamically according to the evolution of the fire, issuing simultaneously the alert and evacuation, Switching speaker zones when it is detected that the fire passes from one plant to another.

Thanks to this integration, it is easier for people to know, at every moment, The most suitable emergency exit, According to the evacuation plan established by the firefighters, increasing your safety and security.

This has been achieved with high-level integration (JSON protocol) of the sAlgorithmic fire detection system of Grupo Aguilera with the public address system and voice alarm Compact by Optimus.

The AE/SA-IOPT INTERFACE is responsible for linking the fire plants of Grupo Aguilera and the audio matrices of Optimus, as many as there are in the installation. Includes evacuation plan compliance matrix and ensures correct sending of messages to speaker zones.

As specified in the Basic Fire Safety Document (DB-SI) of the Technical Building Code (CTE), systems must comply with EN regulations 54.

With the EN certified speakers 54-24 and emergency feeding too, using the Optimus Compact system, EN certificate 54-16, and the AE/SA-IOPT integration interface, according to EN 54-13 as part of Grupo Aguilera's algorithmic system, Compliance with regulations is complete.

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By • 28 Jun, 2023
• Section: Alarms, Detection, Evacuation, Business, Urban security