LDAAudio Tech NEO ONE EN54

By combining the system Lda ONE with the Aguilera Group provide a solution that guarantees fault warnings, Detection and evacuation, Sorted by zones in case of emergency or fire, and that complies with the European standard EN54.

The system EN54 public address and evacuation by voice LDA ONE has been integrated with the Algorithmic fire detection system of Aguilera Group to offer an integrated detection and evacuation solution applicable to all types of facilities.

This integration has been carried out at the protocol level through an AE/SA-ILDA interface that connects with the algorithmic technology system of the Aguilera Group.

The teams of Grupo Aguilera and LDA Audio Tech have worked together to make the system very manageable and that its implementation is as easy as possible.

The result is a fully integrated system that guarantees fault warnings, Zone-ordered detection and evacuation in case of emergency or fire, and that complies with the European standard EN54.

This is especially relevant in the case of buildings for hospital use and those of public concurrence when the occupation exceeds 500 People, since in Spain these facilities must have a fire alarm system adjusted to the EN54 standard.

The ONE system complies with EN regulations 54-16 for voice alarm control and indicator equipment, and EN 54-4 for power supply equipment. In addition, has the corresponding certifications issued by the notified body Applus+.

As an added value, the integration interface of Aguilera Electrónica complies with the standards of the EN regulation 54-13, and is certified by manufacturer's self-declaration.

The ONE public address and evacuation system is certified EN 54-16 and with battery charger EN 54-4 Integrated in a single device. Features an innovative Wall design & Rack that allows it to be mounted both on wall and in rack, according to the needs of each project and is designed specifically for small and medium format installations. It is easy to install and configure thanks to its autosetup function, saving time and costs.

The algorithmic system of the Aguilera Group offers high performance in the detection and control of fires, since all the elements that make up the system are related to the central so that from this you can know which element has given the alarm, Date, Item status, Detector status, Etc.

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By • 31 Sea, 2023
• Section: Alarms, Detection, Evacuation, Business