Hikvision AX PRO

Mandatory before the end of the year, the Plan Renove de Hikvision offers customers the opportunity to renew their facility and receive a 50% discount in the new plant when they deliver the old one.

With the Plan Renove, the manufacturer Hikvision wants to help customers make the upgrade process more affordable and secure for alarm receiving plants (Cra) in Spain, before the end of the moratorium for your Upgrade to Grado 2, The 31 of December 2023.

Thanks to this initiative of Hikvision, The Installers are guaranteed continuity and protection of your customers and businesses. Ministerial Order INT/826/2020 extended to 23 of December 2023 The limit of the deadline to adapt to degree 2 burglar alarm systems connected to a CRA.

As the deadline approaches,, Hikvision has designed the Renove Plan that offers customers the opportunity to renew your installation and receive a 50% discount in the new plant when delivering the old one; A promotion that will be available until next 31 August.

Hikvision AX-Pro Tri-TechAs he explains Manuel Chércoles, channel sales specialist of Hikvision Iberia, "There are still a large number of devices that do not comply with the new regulations., therefore, The goal of our campaign is to help all installers to offer the new ones to their customers.".

The intrusion center AX PRO Hikvision offers advantageous features for users, as a wide catalog of detectors and peripherals to meet your different needs; Multiple configuration possibilities, 5000 Event iog and updates to add new features.

To this is added the video verification with pre-alarm, even with third-party cameras, as well as analytics from the camera itself, and the association of the image of a Pircam to another area to add this function.

Hikvision AX PRO also offers multiple communication paths as standard; Up to four video buffers within the panel; Advanced Technology Detectors, High quality and performance and its patented detection technology (Pyronix).

In addition, is compatible with the rest of Hikvision technologies (access control, Intercom, Cctv, switches,...), and is a system designed and built to use new IoT technologies from its native environment.

Hikvision offers additional tools and benefits for both installers and end users. In the first case they have access to Hik-Partner PRO, A platform available in mobile application and web portal that allows remote management, Quick and easy of all safety devices.

This tool, among other features, Unifies the management of different product families and employee profiles, allowing links between computers connected in the same network without the need for external reconnections.

As for end users, Hikvision offers you Hik-Connect, An intuitive and simple application for the management of security devices, Compatible with the different families of products of the manufacturer and with a personalized interface for each of them.

In addition, Hik-Connect makes it easy for them to Cobranding, which means installers can include their image in the client application and provides remote presence control functions.

Hikvision also facilitates the integration of the CRA, Not only intrusion equipment, but video and access control, which allows centralized management from different CRA software, including the ability to arm, disarm, Skip and manage real-time and recorded video.

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By • 27 Jun, 2023
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