Hikvision in Ontier

The building of this law firm has been equipped with the latest technology in access control, Parking Management, Video surveillance, Anti-intrusion and intercom systems Hikvision.

Hikvision has equipped the new corporate building of the law firm Ontier with the latest video technology, to provide you with a solution that includes access control, Parking Management, Video surveillance (Cctv), Intrusion and intercom detection. Integration has been carried out by Amber Group.

In total, Are 43 facial recognition devices installed to control access, 16 Video surveillance cameras for the interior of the enclosure, Cameras with license plate recognition for parking management, an alarm system to detect intruders and two intercoms to talk to the control room.

Hikvision in Ontier

The coexistence of all these subsystems is especially efficient and functional, thanks to the Hikcentral management platform, that allows the convergence of all of them in a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool, and that allows to speed up the access to the building and the control of the people who are inside at all times.

"At Ontier we were looking for state-of-the-art technology that would allow us to manage access to the building easily and efficiently., And this system gives us the fluidity and reliability we were looking for.", Explains Angel Bascones, CIO of the firm.

Hikvision in Ontier

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By • 30 Sea, 2023
• Section: Case studies, Access control, Systems control, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Detection, Infrastructure, Intrusion, Networks, Video surveillance